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Great wraps!

Good value, variety of sizes in pretty fabrics and do just what we need them too. Husband is banned from cleaning them as he wrecked my last lot of wraps :D
Lots of information provided on how to use and care for the wraps too. Arrived in good time and packaged nicely. Thank you!

Excellent product & superb service

Great product - varied sizes in pack were so helpful after my first foray into Beeswax wrapping were all too small for what I wanted.
Brilliant service, rapid delivery & informative follow up emails were useful
Love the idea of the company set up too - creative thinking for veterans who need a new outlet. Very well done.


Was a little sceptical these would work but they are fab, they mould around the bowls/vegetables really well. They came super quick too. Thank you very happy with my purchase & makes me feel like I’m doing a little bit more to help the planet ✌🏻


These are by far the nicest quality wraps I have bought, they are nicely sticky and don’t smell too strong, as some others I’ve bought have. I love the personal touch in the wrapping, the tips to look after them and the sustainable packaging. Great product from a company with a great ethos. Will be buying more!

Fab product and fab service

Recently bought the wax wraps and they are really well priced and exactly as stated on the website.I had a slight issue with delivery and Dean could not have been more helpful!I highly recommend this company for the service, quality and also for the fact that it helps s ex service personnel....ten out of ten!!!


These are the best wax cloths I’ve ever come across. Excellent quality and do what they say. Love them. Thank you

Love these

I love these wraps - I bought the long length one to cut to size and was so impressed by I bought the pack of various sizes a couple of weeks later. Love the personal touches from the company and the info sheets and emails. Would thoroughly recommend to everyone - fantastic for the environment and look beautiful too

They're brilliant!

Absolutely love my wax wraps. My cheese has never looked so stylish! I have a challenge for you guys though, something that can be microwaved so I can ditch the clingfilm forever!!! :)

Excellent product and customer service

I have used beeswax before and wasn’t disappointed with these. I especially liked the hints and tips received on how best to use/clean them etc.
Brilliant product, highly recommend.


Been looking to buy these for ages, really happy I did. Haven’t had to use foil or cling film since they arrived. Lots of advice on keeping them in good condition, well done to the Greenbee team 5 stars

Just what I needed!

I have wanted to try these out for a while, and took the plunge and bought these! Wow, they are wonderful. I have loads of bowls in my fridge, now beautifully sealed with these instead of foil.. makes me feel good just to look at them!

Beeswax wraps

Great product and service from Greenbee. The additional post purchase support and advice is proof that this is a company that has sustainability at its core.

Wish I'd switched ages ago!

These wraps are brilliant and definitely worth the money. The patterns are fun and I am really enjoying using them - and making more effort to make a packed lunch every day too!

Great product

First time I have used anything like this and so far very impressed. Delivery very quick and lots of helpful info about how to maintain the wraps. Great company definitely will buy more very glad I found you. Cling film no more in our house!

second order, as think they are amazing

Second order, found the 1st wraps amazing, still using the originals but wanted more

Does what it says on the tin

can wrap a whole loaf, keeps it very fresh, amazing product

Great for breadmaker

We are really happy with the x large bread wrap, it is proving so useful for bread we make in the bread maker, and keeps it fresh.
There is a little bit of a smell from the wrap, but you do get used to that.

Great wraps

I ordered these beeswax wraps, as I really wanted to replace clingfilm, and I wasn’t disappointed! They did feel strange at first, but I’m now getting more used to them. I love the patterns, and I really like that I have had follow up emails offering advice on the wraps, which has really helped. I also loved the little personal note that arrived with the wraps, a nice touch.
Thank you Dean, and green bee!

Happy Customer

These wraps are beautifully made and well worth the money. I am new to using these wraps and am delighted with them. Great customer support and tips as well.

Excellent products

I have been wanting to move to a more sustainable way of life in the kitchen and beyond and Greenbee’s products are the way forward!! Excellent tips and the personal touch from Dean take the service to the next level. Thank you Dean.


Love, love, love these! Cling film is a thing of the past in my house. Glad I found this company x


Great product I recommend

Love these wraps!

Fabulous product. Love the colours and patterns. Something to suit everyone. I use them everyday for covering my sandwiches and great for covering leftovers and your helping the environment!

Very useful and good quality

This is my second set of the wax wrap and I'll find them really useful it has cut my consumption of cling film dramatically they're very easy to clean and very versatile I would recommend this product to anyone one-wheel ing to do their bit for the environment. The company also provides some very useful tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint


I knew that I'd love these wraps, so I bought a pack of medium and a pack of large ones, and am pleased I did 😊. Apart from the fact that they're environmentally friendly, they are really easy to use. I love the random patterns, too. The aftersales emails giving advice on maintenance are really helpful, too. I will be recommending them to everyone. Thank you.