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Questions about our Green Bee Food Wraps

Why use our Green Bee food wraps? 

•  The Green Bee food wrap was launched to create a viable alternative to single use plastic cling film which generates more than 745,000 miles of waste in the UK every year - that's enough to go around the earth 30 times.

•  Our Green Bee wraps are handmade in the UK. They are completely biodegradable and made from locally sourced cotton that has been expertly infused with food safe Beeswax, Kentish rape seed, and tree resin. 

•  The natural ingredients allow the wraps to breathe which in turn keeps your food fresher for much longer.

•  Our unique blend took over a year to develop, giving our Green Bee wraps the perfect adhesive and moulding properties ensuring your food is sealed tight. The blend also minimises the smell normally associated with other Beeswax wraps currently on the market.

•  Our Beeswax is also known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which slows down bacteria reproduction, meaning your food stays fresher and no manmade nasties seep out as they would with conventional plastic cling film.

How are our Green Bee food wraps made?

•  Our wraps are hand made in the UK using only four sustainably sourced components. Our cotton is sourced from local suppliers before being infused with our unique formulation of beeswax, sustainably forested pine resin, and Kentish rapeseed oil. 

•  Once cured, the wraps are cut to size and sorted into in our fully recyclable packaging ready for delivery. 

How do our Green Bee food wraps work?

•  The ingredients we use are naturally adhesive.

•  When applying, use the heat and pressure from your hands to hold the wrap in place (over the item you are covering), this will allow the wrap to stick correctly before shaping around the item you are covering.

•  If the wrap is really cold, give it a slight work up between your fingers to warm the natural adhesive, this will ensure the wrap sticks more easily.

Can you reuse our Green Bee food wraps? 

•  Absolutely, many times over. 

•  With the correct care, Green Bee's food wraps will last for the life of the cotton. We recommend refreshing every 2-3 months (simply redistributing the existing wax with something like a hairdryer - no additional wax needed for this). We then recommend topping up the wax every 4-6 months (achieved by grating our wax block over the wrap and the dispersing it with an iron or by putting in the oven). This period will be longer if they are used less frequently.

•  All of our wraps come complete with a detailed set of care instructions that covers refreshing and re-waxing in detail. 

How to clean our Green Bee wraps

•  In between light applications you only need to wipe the wraps with a wet soapy cloth.

•  If you do need to clean more thoroughly, wash wraps without scrubbing in cold water using a gentle detergent. Let the wraps air dry before rolling and storing away from direct sunlight or heat. Then simply use again when needed.

•  Hand wash only. Do not use a dishwasher or washing machine to clean your wraps.

Are Green Bee food wraps safe?

•  The cotton, beeswax, pine resin, and Kentish oil used in our wraps are all safe to be used with food. If you are allergic to any of these components, then we recommend not using them, otherwise they're safe to use.

What can you wrap in your Green Bee food wraps? 

•  The answer is virtually anything!

•  Our most popular pack size is the versatile family 4 pack. This particular pack contains 2 x large wraps and 2 x medium wraps.

•  The large wrap is 30cm x 30cm. It can be used to cover sizeable dinner plates, bowls, large vegetables, cheese wheels and sandwiches for picnics. 

•  The small wrap is 20cm x 20cm and is ideal for bowls/sauce jars and packaging individual fruits such as avocados, apples and pears.

•  Avoid meat and fish.

Can you wrap meat or fish in our Green Bee food wraps?

•  Since we recommend that our wraps are washed in cold water, we do not recommend that our beeswax wraps are used on raw meat or fish or food hygiene purposes. You could however put the meat and fish in a bowl and simply cover the bowl.  

Will the wraps make my hands sticky?

•  If you feel a little residue on your fingers when applying the wraps, rub both hands together so that it's naturally absorbed; the properties of the wrap are actually really good for your skin.

•  The malleability of differing wrap brands will vary given all recipes are different. Some use more resin than others. Some recipes use coconut oil or plant resin. Our wraps are made with food grade beeswax, sustainably forested pine resin, and Kentish rapeseed oil. 

•  Wraps made with just beeswax are slightly sticky but it's the inclusion of tree resin that helps the wrap stick to itself, ceramics or glassware. 

•  The beeswax wrap stickiness is activated from the warmth of your hands or when at room temperature. When they are cold they are not overly sticky. 

•  Our wraps are completely reusable, but over time the stickiness can wear off. To make the Green Bee wrap last longer, use alcohol-free dish detergent.

Will the smell of food taint the wraps? 

•  Certain food with strong aromas may leave a slight scent on the wraps although this is normally temporary.

•  Some of our customers designate certain wraps to smelly cheeses or put such food items in bowls first before wrapping. 

Do Green Bee food wraps smell?

•  Our unique blend took over a year to develop, meaning we've minimised the aroma normally associated with other Beeswax wraps on the market.

•  That being said, any remaining light aroma is direct from nature and, like the colour of the wax, changes depending on where the bees have foraged. 

How does shipping work?

What is our shipping cost?

•  It's currently FREE on all UK orders over £20.00.

•  Delivery is charged at £1.99 on all orders under £20. 

What are our current shipping destinations?

•  We currently only ship locally within the UK.

What are our shipping times?

•  Local orders are delivered by Royal Mail and take up to 5 business days to be delivered. Shipping time might vary depending on location, shipment method and other factors.

What payment types do you accept?

•  You can select your preferred payment method at the checkout stage.

•  We accept a number of secure payment types which includes Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. 

•  Please note that an additional exchange fee may apply if you're paying in any currency other than GBP (£).

What about returns and refunds?

Your absolute satisfaction is important to us. We therefore offer a 30-days Return & Exchange Policy:

•  If a product gets damaged or was faulty upon a delivery, we will offer an exchange or a 100% refund on the cost of goods.

•  To be eligible for a return, goods must have been received within the last 30-days.

•  They must be unopened, unused, undamaged and accompanied by proof of purchase.

•  For returns, please email with the subject 'Returns' and include your order number, name and the reason for the return.

•  We will then provide you with instructions regarding the return. Please note that customers are responsible for shipping costs of returned items.

•  We strongly recommend that customers obtain proof of postage when returning goods to avoid packages being lost.When the returned item is received and inspected, you will receive a confirmation email, notifying you about the status of your refund.

•  Once your refund is approved, a credit will automatically be applied to your original payment method.

How do I place an order?

Ordering is simple:

•  Simply add items to your shopping basket while browsing our store. 

•  Once you want to proceed with the order - do so by going to the cart and clicking "checkout". 

•  Follow the instructions by providing us with delivery information and select payment method the for goods - we will ship your package within three business days using signed for delivery.

•  Our support team is always on hand to help. Please feel free to contact them at