Why use bamboo straws?

In 2020 the UK government reported that 4.4Bn plastic straws are discarded in the UK every single year. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 8.3Bn straws pollute the world’s beaches; staggering when you consider that only 1% of straws end up in the ocean - the other 99% are slowly leaching toxins into our landscape. 

Positively, a ban on plastic straws and drinks stirrers was enforced in the UK late last year, which will undoubtedly drive these numbers down. However, I’ve personally witnessed a number of retail outlets still offering plastic straws to their customers - a long way to go I think. 

Furthermore, paper is now sited as an alternative to the plastic straw. Sadly, we can all relate to the soggy mess the ensues half way through your drink, plus they are discarded as a single-use consumable thereafter. Not great when you consider that papers straws can be very difficult to recycle. Firstly, because some paper straws are lined with plastic to stop them going ‘soggy' making them non-recyclable, and secondly because a large number of recyclers do not accept food contaminated products. 

Why bamboo straws?

Green Bee’s reusable bamboo straws offer the perfect replacement for single-use straws. They are farmed by artisans but crafted, as they should be, by nature.

Bamboo as is an amazingly versatile material that has a host of environmental benefits when compared to similar resources. For example, did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing grass on the planet that needs no fertiliser to thrive. It is also has amazing powers of regeneration, cutting bamboo actually stimulates growth which makes it an incredibly sustainable resource. Furthermore, Bamboo sequesters carbon extremely efficiently and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Its root system also bind soil together very efficiently - what’s not to love!   

When farming our straws we use as much of the bamboo stems as we can; not wasting quality bamboo because of shape, size, colour or unique markings (the grain). This gives each straw a quirky style that’s completely unique to you. What you get in return is an eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic alternative to single use straws that’s been created by nature without a harmful chemical or fertiliser in sight. 100% natural as they should be.

You may be thinking about the upkeep. Each of our straw packs come complete with a detailed care guide and cleaning brush. Natural bamboo stem is extremely versatile which makes it very easy to clean - you can even put them through the dishwasher.   

Finally, do you really need a straw? 

As a rule of thumb, drinking straight from a glass or cup is a sure way of minimising waste. That being said, the use of a straw provides a number of additional benefits that you may not have considered. Colgate reported in a recent article that the simple use of a straw can reduce enamel deterioration and associated cavities, while also minimising staining as it puts a barrier between the drink and your teeth. If you’re out and about too, straws reduce your exposure to germs and bacteria on restaurant coffee cups or glasses served in a bar - how often have you seen lip marks around the rim of a glass! More generally though, we think you’ll love our straws and what they stand for. 

So, whether you're looking for reusable bamboo straws to protect your children’s teeth, smoothies straws for use around the house, or cocktail straws for when your in the bar with friends, our 100% biodegradable straw 10 pack is the perfect solution to supplement you sustainable lifestyle.

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