What’s best for storing open food?

Beeswax wraps vs cling film vs tin foil

We often get asked just how good our beeswax wraps are at keeping your covered food fresh and from stopping the sandwiches in your packed lunch from going soggy. The answer is extremely good, but until now, you've had to take our word on this.

Recently however, WHICH MAGAZINE tested the effectiveness of beeswax wraps against Tesco’s own branded clingfilm and tin foil. Incidentally, they also compared each of these to Lakeland’s compostable plastic wrap and another brand of 100% recycled tin foil.

Guess what, the beeswax wraps came out on top in every one of the four tests which were designed to replicate how they would be used in real life. They were also rated the overall winner by quite a large margin. How amazing is that! 

The tests:

  • Keeping food fresh in the fridge: The beeswax wrap kept a covered cut apple fresh until day five, whereby the clingfilm covered apple started to go brown on day one.

  • Keeping sandwiches fresh throughout the working day: The beeswax wraps were equally comparable with clingfilm and tinfoil in this test with no sogginess detected when the sandwiches were taste tested at the end of the day.

  • Wrapping and containing smelly food: A beeswax wrap was used to cover a wedge of stilton which was then placed in the fridge. On testing, there was no trace of a stilton smell whatsoever from the beeswax wrap covered cheese.

  • Ease of use: The beeswax wraps were durable, easy to use and easy to clean. They also did well in the freezer. The tin foil ripped easily and tended to squash smaller pieces of food because sealing generally took more pressure. The cling film was very difficult to unravel and stuck to everything in its path, not just the food being wrapped.

The winner - Beeswax Wraps

WHICH MAGAZINE stated that the “versatility, ease of use and ability to keep food fresh made the beeswax wraps their favourite”.

“Though pricier up front, they should save you money and reduce your kitchen waste in the long term provided you use them correctly”.

This is the reason we’re so passionate about our beeswax wraps which have now prevented the use of more than 250km of plastic. They’re not only great for the environment and your pocket, they’re also proven to keep your food fresher for longer, and all of this without any chemicals in sight.

So now you don’t just need to take our word for it, WHICH MAGAZINE have also delivered their verdict on beeswax wraps being a viable alternative to cling film and tin foil too.

Small changes, big impact

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