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  • How you can now recycle soft plastics

    Some really exciting news on the recycling front! Stores like Co-op and Tesco are now providing drop off points that will allow you to recycle your household soft plastics. These can even be utilised when the packaging isn't from items purchased in store.  What are soft plastics?  Think of all those plastic items not currently collected through kerbside recycling schemes and you’ll get a good i...
  • How to have a sustainable picnic

    As we approach summer, and as the challenging restrictions we’ve faced over the last 18 months start to lift, we’re starting to crave more and more quality time outdoors with loved ones. What better way to enjoy these natural surroundings than to accompany them in a picnic.  While picnics provide some incredible family moments, they often come at an environmental price given the amount of waste...
  • How to minimise plastic when you're away from home?

    Now that the COVID restrictions have relaxed, we're likely to be away from our homes much more frequently over coming weeks. Whether you’re travelling or just running errands, you’ll likely encounter a lot of single-use plastic whilst on-the-go. This type plastic is a significant contributor to the 380 million tonnes of plastic used every year, of which around 50% is single-use! Why we use so m...
  • How to reduce single-use plastic in your kitchen?

    In this blog we're going to explore how single-use plastic in your kitchen is damaging the environment, and what you can do to counter it.  Food packaging, takeaway boxes, kitchen utensils… Most of these are made from plastic – a material which only gets recycled in 9% of cases - the rest ends up polluting our planet with microscopic plastic particles.  We’ve grown to rely heavily on plastic in...
  • Plastic bottles in the garden

    There’s a plastic bottle up-cycling solution here for everyone. From planters, to hanging pots, and mini-greenhouses; the garden options are so varied. 
  • COVID-19 and plastic use

    The advent of COVID-19 has brought with it a new ultra-reliance on single-use plastics. In this article we explore the true extent and impact of this increased plastic use.
  • Evolution of plastic

    We’re delving into the origin of plastic, the scale of the current crisis that surrounds the use and disposal of single use consumables, and the choices we can make as consumers to drive change.