Sustainable beauty routine

Bamboo pads for your beauty routine

We're proud to announce that the latest product in our bamboo range has just arrived. After months in the making, our reusable bamboo make-up pads offer the perfect alternative to single-use cotton pads that will supplement any sustainable beauty routine perfectly. Not only are great for the planet, they're kind on your skin and wallet too.

Why is single-use cotton bad  

Conventional single-use cotton pads have a huge impact on our planet. Not only does cotton consume a huge amount of water during production, (around 20,000 litres per kg) it's also grown using a significant amount of fertilisers and pesticides which can run off into waterways, polluting eco-systems and making its way into drinking supplies. 

Single-use cotton pads are also chemically treated to ensure they are soft and perfectly white which can lead to skin irritation. The cotton fibres also moult during use which can in turn lead to blocked skin pores. 

Compounding all of this, single-use cotton pads are only used once, meaning they end up in land fill as waste each and every time they are used. And that's an awful lot of waste considering we tend to use an average of three single-use pads during daily cleansing routines. 

The cost benefit 

Over three years, that's 3000 single use cotton pads. Aldi currently sells a pack of 100 for £0.85p, equating to £25.50 on a product that is simply thrown into the bin. So by swapping these out, not only are you helping the environment, but you're also easing the burden on your pocket too. Win win.      

Why do we use bamboo?

Bamboo as is an amazingly versatile material that has a host of environmental benefits. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet that needs no fertiliser to thrive - just rainwater. It also has amazing powers of regeneration; cutting bamboo actually stimulates growth which makes it an incredibly sustainable resource. Furthermore, Bamboo sequesters carbon extremely efficiently and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.  

The composition of Bamboo also makes it very kind on your skin, particularly sensitive types, as it’s naturally very soft and grown without the use of chemicals that can often act as an irritant.

Bamboo fibres are also thin, smooth and rounded meaning its softness is complemented with incredible moisture wicking properties that makes for a much more efficient make up removal routine. 

Finally, bamboo also has anti-bacterial properties meaning less bacteria build up on your pads between washes. What’s not to love. 

What makes our pads different? 

Unlike many other reusable pads on the market, our soft and scrub bamboo pads are completely free from polyester. They're also constructed using two outer and a single inner layer that's bonded together using a robust and intricate serger stitch (just take a look at our product close ups). This means they're built to last and can be washed 300-500 times before up-cycling needs to be considered.

Each 14 pack contains: 

  • 10 x bamboo soft pads - 8cm
  • 4 x bamboo terry scrub pads - 8cm
  • 1 x organic laundry bag (15 x 18cm)

Our Soft pads have been specifically designed with the removal of everyday make up in mind. This variant also comes complete with anti-slip stitching to ensure the material layers do not move independently of each other, meaning much smoother contact with your face. 

Terry pads on the other hand have an exfoliating texture meaning they are perfect for removing stubborn make up and face mask residue.  

How to use


We recommend washing your bamboo face pads before the first use as this will improve the absorption properties.   

Your bamboo face pads can be used wet or dry. If you do use a cleaning lotion as part of your cleansing routine, we recommend dampening the pad first as this will make the lotion go further. 

To do this, apply a splash of water and then squeeze the pad to ensure even distribution. Apply the lotion to your pad and start your cleansing routine.  


You pads can be used a number of times before they require machine washing. Simply rinse your pads in warm soapy water after use to remove any excess oils and make up residue before allowing to dry. After heavier use, we do recommend cleaning your pads in the washing machine. 


Wash pads on a 40℃ washing cycle. Gather up your pads and place in the cotton bag provided, tying the draw cords using a double knot to keep the pads contained in the washer.

Do not use a fabric softener as this can negatively impact the absorbency of the pads over time. 


Leave your pads to air dry. We do not recommend tumble drying as this may cause your pads to shrink. Sadly, this practice is also not great for the environment.

Strong stains 

For more stubborn stains, soak your pads in a mix of distilled white vinegar and lemon juice for 30 - 45 minutes before washing. Always use white vinegar over apple cider or other types of vinegar as it will not stain fabrics. Vinegar also acts as a natural fabric softener leaving your pads feeling soft and fresh. After soaking place your pads place in the washing machine as normal. Don’t worry if the stains don’t completely disappear, this will not impact your pad’s cleansing properties.     


Once your pads reach the end of their make-up removal life, don't just discard them, they have so many other uses. From applying shoe polish, to wiping your washing line before hanging clothes, or cleaning the screens of your computer and gadgets - there's be plenty of alternative uses with a little imagination.

So if you're looking to adopt a more sustainable beauty routine that's kind on your skin and allows you to save some pennies, look no further that Green Bee's bamboo make up pads.   

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