How to care for beeswax wraps?

Our beeswax wraps are robust and incredibly versatile, making them an excellent zero-waste replacement for single-use clingfilm or aluminium foil. They also look pretty funky in the kitchen too.

We use a seasoned formulation of rapeseed oil, beeswax and pine resin which coats our cotton sheets and offers an unrivalled self-sealing and moulding properties that covers and seals food incredibly well, but importantly, food is still allowed to breath. 

Putting all this together, your food stays fresh for much longer when compared to clingfilm - it’s also much better for the environment, and will actually put money back into your pocket as you're using less single-use items.

Daily care instructions 

Our wraps are incredibly easy to use and equally as easy to maintain. With the correct care and attention, they will last as long as the life of the cotton.


  • In between uses wash your wraps in cold water using a mild dishwashing soap. We suggest cold water as higher temperatures can cause the wax to melt from the wraps.
  • A wash may not always be necessary if you’ve only covered dry items like crackers or crisps. In that case, a brush down or wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.
  • Once washed, allow your wraps to air dry. This can be done by draping them over the top of an up-turned coffee cup or glass, or by hanging them on some twine with a peg.
  • Once completely dry, roll your wraps and store in a drawer. We suggest rolling over folding as this will ensure creases don't form and cause unnecessary wear over time. 

Longer term maintenance 

As you use your wraps more and more over time, the material will become less stiff, creases and folds will appear, and they may become less sticky. This is certainly not a cue to get rid, it simply means you may need to consider a refresh or re-wax.


Our wraps last as long as the life of the cotton (12 months +). To maintain the adhesive though, we recommend refreshing every 2 - 3 months. Refreshing is the process of redistributing the existing wax with something like a hair dryer - no additional wax is needed for this. You'll know when refreshing is needed as the wrap may start to feel less sticky or prominent fold lines may appear.


We recommend topping up the wax on your wraps every 4 - 6 months using our Green Bee re-wax blocks - this will give them a new lease of life. Re-waxing is achieved by grating the block onto your wrap before ironing or melting the wax in an electric oven.

Refreshing and re-waxing are really simple processes that only take 5 minutes. To help, we provide a detailed care guide with every purchase to ensure you get the most from your wraps. Read more about refreshing and re-waxing 


Our wraps are 100% natural and biodegradable meaning when they reach the end of their life they can be composted. You could also consider turning them into a BBQ lighter. Simply cut them into 2cm wide strips, twist them along their length, and use as an eco friendly fire lighter that’s both slow burning and waterproof. 

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