Up-cycled garden centrepieces

As we continue to prepare our gardens for the coming seasonal changes, we’re going to look at how you can take inanimate objects from around the home, that are destined for the bin, and transform them into wonderful floral centrepieces that sprout colour and offer temporary havens to roving pollinators. 

So why is this important? Did you know that the average person in the UK generates 482kg of household waste every single year. In the US this figure increases to around 773kg. 

This reality is even more startling when you consider that only 16% of rubbish is recycled and 46% is believed to be disposed of unsustainably. It’s a never ending cycle of ‘use’ and ‘discard’ that’s continued to stack up for generations and it’s crippling our eco-systems.   

As one would expect, a fast growing global population has caused waste generation to increase inordinately in recent years, but it continues to get worse. We now collectively produce two billion tonnes of household waste every year, enough to fill almost one million Olympic sized swimming pools. Projections suggest this figure will rise by more than 70% over the next 30 years through a combination of population expansion, urbanisation and economic growth.   

Consumer buying habits are also becoming excessive. You’ll undoubtedly know someone who puts out dozens of Amazon boxes for the recycling collection each week. It’s become the norm to buy when we believe we need something and then quickly discard these same items just as soon as we think they’ve reached the end of their life. While the items may no longer be fit for their original purpose, you’d be surprised just how many other uses they could offer with a little imagination. 

We need to act fast if we’re to reverse this crisis. Just imagine if you could reduce the amount you discard every year by 50kg, that adds up to a staggering 3.5 tonnes over a lifetime. 

Start by repurposing a small number of the items you’re planning to discard soon. Whether it’s a cracked coffee cup, a broken chair, or a leaky pair of boots, there’s so many options. We’ve got some great examples below, the possibilities are honestly endless so do give them a go. 

Small changes, big impact!

Old Boot

Boot_Planter - Green_Bee

Wooden Chair

Chair_Planter - Green_Bee

Half Pallet

Pallet_Plant_Hanger - Green_Bee


Kettle_Planter - Green_Bee

Tin Cans

Tin_Can_Planter - Green_Bee


Bicycle_Planter - Green_Bee

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